Revealing Dress


I am so awkward.

Honestly, sometimes things seem perfectly normal at the time and then I just don’t know what I was thinking.  This post is cringeworthy, so be forewarned.  If you are uncomfortable with boobs, stop right now and go enjoy your weekend.

I have an author page on Facebook.  I hate Facebook, but it’s out there and it reaches people and I have to use it, so I do.

I’m supposed to interact, comment, connect.

I love that readers can comment, readers are fun.  They are sort of like my small group of sticker trading pals.  I write it, they like it, it works.

But I’m also supposed to do my least favorite word in the English language, well maybe not my least because “whatever” really holds that honor, but definitely in my top ten of least favorite words is . . . networking.

It’s like nails on a…

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The proliferation of modern day evangelical churches is the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of mankind.Am not in any way challenging the institution of the church but if the people are to enjoy a civilized form of worship some of these churches should be banished from our society.The perception that just because you mention God and shout out to your congregation about what He will do qualifies you to be His servant is completely outrageous.There is no justification in anyone extorting money in the name of God as those in government continue to watch as these destitutes reap where they have not sowed. Who is that who claims he can cure terminal illnesses?What has been done to prove that it can happen? Who is that who claims that when people get saved they will get rich?Jesus of Nazareth fearlessly told one wealthy guy to sell all his property and he would become His follower. Every time I hear these pastors deceiving innocent people my heart bleeds because the word of God is for those who are ready to suffer for it.The Gospel preaches hope;hope that life will continue even after death.It is that part that it prepares people for.It is therefore preposterous for anyone to preach a happy life for the saved here on earth. There is no God in that house if your pastor asks you to give more and more so that you can receive blessings.They sell hope and we continue listening to them as if we have been bewitched. Those who followed Jesus did so knowing that in salvation there was more than just cosmetic joy.The way some of these pastors are potraying Jesus is not only blasphemous but a mockery of the true Gospel. Lucifer during Jesus’ temptation used the same trick…all these material things will belong to you.The flashy cars…the pride…the arrogance…all that is just meant to rape Christ.

Why Your Attention Span Is A Great Excuse For Someone Else’s Failure

Tara Sparling writes

I wasn’t well last week, and ended up feeling dreadfully sorry for myself. Now, there’s nothing on earth can feel quite as sorry for itself as an Irish woman, so it can get quite dark. Anyhoo, as I lay prostrate, bemoaning the state of both my health and my immediate prospects, my lamentations eventually began to transfer themselves to the world outside as well.

And it’s a dark world, lads and lassies. Society is broken. Rent asunder by social media, reality television, celebrity gossip and cat memes. As a race, we have developed the attention span of a hungover goldfish. We can’t concentrate on anything longer than a Buzzfeed article called 21 Things Only People Who Wore Purple Underpants In 1991 Will Understand. And nobody reads full novels anymore.

My last post on e-book reading statistics – the fact that we now have access to better statistics not only on what books people are buying…

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Advice for a young academic: imposter syndrome

A must read.

Peter G Knight

A great deal has been written in the last few years about so-called “imposter syndrome” – the feeling experienced by many young academics that somehow they don’t really belong in their new role as a lecturer and that somehow they should never have been allowed to make the step up from being a student. The fear is that you are not good enough, that you don’t deserve this, that you won’t cope and that you will in due course be found out and exposed. There are books about it. There’s a TED Talk about it. Seeing what has already been written makes me feel like an imposter even thinking about writing this post.

If you are in that situation I have two pieces of advice to get you started:

  1. Get used to it. We all feel that way. Welcome to academia.
  2. Don’t worry. You are not an imposter. You are as good…

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When it rains we become naked.Our streets become big rivers with filthy water flowing all over.Our estates are filled with mud and the stench is unfathomable.Yet we are the architects of this.We invest more in simple fantasy and neglect what holds the key to making our future more civilized.How have we been able to invest trillions of shillings in building all these skyscrapers yet we don’t have an efficient drainage system?And we pay people to approve all constructions and ensure every aspect is in order.A society full of arrogant people who find solace in self- deceit and social callousness.The government is we! I mean are we not the ones who own these buildings?Do we have to offer bribes to avoid investing just a little more for a good cause?We just think of I, I, I and I all the time.Again,we afford to live in expensive apartments and can’t pay a hundred shillings for the safe disposal of our rubbish.Ironically, the trash is usually full of empty expensive dairy products packs, rum and vodka bottles, and used condoms.Our children who by the virtue of living in the city don’t have many choices when it comes to playing objects(and space) grow up using these as playing materials as we drain beer bottles and munch roasted meat as we listen to mugithi at our favourite joints during the weekend.My point is who is responsible for this filth?Why is it that our streets look like marshy swamps during the rainy season?Who elects those responsible for our social and economical lives?Our privileges must change.We must change.Create an environment that can sustain you and the future generations.Elect the right leaders and in this I must point out that the problem has not been our heads of state but a group of some greedy leaders who come to us during elections and bribe their way into power.We have become slaves of our own addictions.We must change.